Saturday, August 29, 2020

Kyle Rittenhouse should be set free

In the United States of America, we're not supposed to have political prisoners, yet it looks like Kyle Rittenhouse probably is one.  In the riots following the shooting of complete scumbag Jacob Blake (who had a warrant out for felony sexual assault, which is why police stopped him), 17 year old Kyle Rittenhouse was chased and assaulted by BLM/Antifa felons (yes, the 3 men he shot were all convicted felons, see below).  When he realized he could not get away, he opened fire.  This is textbook self-defense.  Yes, he was carrying a rifle.  So were a lot of people (many also carried handguns).  That doesn't make him a criminal or guilty of anything.

Rittenhouse was probably overcharged on the faulty theory that the news of his charging might calm down rioting.  The rioting, of course, is not about Black lives.  The peaceful protests were.  The rioters I've seen identified to date are felons.  They can't vote or carry firearms because of their heinous disregard for the rest of society.  They're using this as a way to try to force a change from the Republic (or representative democracy, it's the same thing) to a more authoritarian system.  BLM, for example, is communist (for those who don't know, that's what Marxism is).  Also for those who don't know, there are nearly 150 million good reasons to prevent communism from rising again.  Some Antifa members are anarchist, but many are also communist, which is why Antifa accurately describes them.  Communists have always been violently anti-fascist, since both philosophies use the same tactics that we usually describe as fascist, but amount to compulsory speech and behavior.  Family feuds are always the most bitter.  Trying to force others to raise their fists against their will through threat of violence, for example, is fascist/communist behavior.


As a communist/fascist movement attempting to pull down Democracy, the conjoined Antifa/BLM rioters are actually insurrectionists.  While Senator Paul wants them investigated as interstate criminals (something Sen Cruz wanted last year), I think it's more appropriate, though less likely, to suspend posse comitatus and send in marines to kill every last one of them the same as we would if the Confederacy tried to reestablish itself.  Okay, maybe 30% of them like with the Confederacy if the rest slink back to their holes and stop pestering people who prefer freedom.

What Rittenhouse did should probably have earned him a medal instead of jail time.  The scumbag who lost a bicep?  That dude was a felon in possession of a firearm.  He should be in custody right now.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Mostly Peaceful Protests

 This is not a photoshop, shockingly:

This is a photoshop:

It's unbelievable how far the left-leaning media will go to pretend the protests are peaceful, even in the face of overwhelming evidence that they aren't and that Americans are getting sick of the violence.


Violence begets violence.  There's 17 year old facing intentional homicide charges for shooting rioters in Kenosha.   He was chased and attacked before opening fire, but he's still been charged.  His whole defense should probably be this:

One of the Antifa scumbags who died turned out to deserve it:  Turns Out the Antifa Guy Who Died in Kenosha, Joseph Rosenbaum, Is a Registered Sex Offender 

You can look up his rap sheet, but here's a sample:


Note that President Trump has offered National Guard troops to restore order, but governors have declined despite the fact President Obama did it in Ferguson.  

 Here's what President Obama said at the time:

"There are productive ways of responding and expressing those frustrations, and there are destructive ways of responding," Obama said. "Burning buildings, torching cars, destroying property, putting people at risk -- that's destructive and there's no excuse for it. Those are criminal acts. And people should be prosecuted if they engage in criminal acts."  Source

"I have no sympathy at all for destroying your own communities...  Nothing of benefit results from destructive acts. I've never seen a civil rights law, or a health care bill, or an immigration bill result because a car got burned."  Source

At first I had tremendous sympathy for protesters.  But like most Americans, that changed when things got violent.  I have no tolerance for rioting and looting.  The Constitution provides for peaceable assembly for redress of wrongs, not violence and destruction of property.

At first, I didn't want anyone to get hurt.  Then the rioters started hurting innocents.  Also, it became clear they were communists trying to use violence and intimidation to pull down our republic (or representative democracy if you prefer, it's the same thing) in favor of a force-based communist system.  That's unacceptable.  It makes them insurrectionists and we should suspend posse comitatus and send in marines to clean them out.  If police and the military won't stop them, however, it appears normal people will even if it means jail time.  

That's because we don't accept actions like these:

So go ahead, Antifa.  Defund and disband the police.  Just know that once there is no risk of being arrested for cleaning you off the streets, average Americans will do the job politicians are afraid to.  There are more of them than there are of you, and they're angry.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Kamala Harris is a terrible VP choice

 A few weeks ago, I wrote about how Joe Biden probably shouldn't be running for president of the United States.  All the negatives we associate with Trump apply to Biden.  Questionable past incidents that display a deep disrespect for and possibly a predatory relationship with women?  Check, Biden's got that.  A penchant for exaggerating the truth, and sometimes outright lying?  Biden does that all the time, too.  Past statements that are best racially insensitive, but probably casually racist*?  Just Joe being Joe, according to the media, but line them up and you have a racist.

All of these things make Biden a terrible presidential candidate, but today he announced something that demonstrates a complete lack of judgment and understanding of current social sentiment.

The big problem is Kamala Harris's time as a prosecutor and California's Attorney General.  Her office argued against release of some inmates, including Black inmates, because they were cheap labor.  You read that right.  Harris's office kept Black people in chains to serve as cheap labor.

Lawyers under the oversight of then-Attorney General of California Kamala Harris argued in 2014 against the release of nonviolent criminals because they wanted to keep them for cheap labor.

“Extending 2-for-1 credits to all minimum custody inmates at this time would severely impact fire camp participation — a dangerous outcome while California is in the middle of a difficult fire season and severe drought,” lawyers from Harris’s office wrote in a filing.
Now that's ugly, but there's even worse.  Kamala Harris deliberately and knowingly kept innocent people behind bars when she could have freed them.  No matter how we feel about the justice system, we all agree innocent people should be released.  Our system is even based on the idea that it is better for 100 guilty people to go free than to allow one innocent person to be unjustly imprisoned.  Harris disagrees.

As attorney general, she weaponized technicalities to keep wrongfully convicted people behind bars rather than allow them new trials with competent counsel and prosecutors willing to play fair. One of them, Kevin Cooper, is on death row. Another, George Gage, will die in prison without intervention from the governor. In both cases, Harris had the power to change the outcome. She could have demanded DNA testing in Cooper’s case. She refused. She could have conceded Gage’s conviction was based on the prosecutor’s decision to suppress evidence that devastated the credibility of the sole witness against him. She didn’t

Harris also failed to hold police and prosecutors accountable for misconduct. In Orange County, where a sprawling jailhouse informant scandal has robbed countless people of their right to a fair trial, her lack of meaningful oversight has contributed to a crisis of legitimacy that continues to upend the county’s criminal justice system.

In 2015, when called upon by the Legislative Black Caucus to support bills that would have mandated that all police officers wear body worn cameras and that the Attorney General’s office investigate lethal officer-involved shootings, she declined.  She championed a law that went after the parents of chronically truant children, laughed when asked if marijuana should be legal, and supported a system that locks up people who are too poor to post exorbitant money bail. These policies were part and parcel of a system of mass incarceration that has deeply harmed poor people and communities of color. 

For someone on the political Left, this is an inexcusable past.  The first quoted paragraph should be reprehensible to every American.  She could have freed two innocent men, one on death row, but didn't do so. Note that most of what I've linked against Harris here comes from politically Left sources.  She's a poor choice for Vice President, especially given that she will likely become president when Biden becomes unfit or simply dies.  The Biden/Harris ticket should be rejected by every American.

Want even more?  FB has blocked these sites as "abusive."

*By "casually racist" I mean someone who does not actively hate other races, but consistently displays racially-based thinking that betrays an attitude that non-white people are lesser in some way.

Saturday, July 18, 2020

***Graphic*** 10 rounds is still not enough ***Graphic***

I don't normally post videos of fatal shootings.  Gratuitous violence doesn't benefit society.  This video has a point.  The suspect shot does not die in the video, but did die later in surgery.

This video makes a simple point:  Stopping an attacker isn't as easy as TV makes it seem.  People don't just stop when shot once, and trying to shoot for an extremity in a kinetic situation is ludicrous.  This officer did what was necessary:  she shot until the threat stopped, then she stopped.  That's how it works.

This also illustrates how ludicrous it is to limit civilian magazines to 8 or 10 rounds.  This was a normal guy who wasn't drugged up.  It just took 13 shots to stop him, which is more than a civilian in New York or California would have.  I guess the legislatures there are okay with innocent people being stabbed to death.


Friday, June 19, 2020

Update: When Pandering Goes Really Wrong, the Kente Cloth part II

Sometimes, insufficient research for a rushed pandering gesture can do way more harm than good. 

Oopsie.  USA Today tries to lighten the blow.  It's an entertaining read.

First, the assertion:

“Yesterday the Democrats wore kente scarfs and knelt down for their photo op. So check this out, Kente cloth was worn by the Ashanti. It's made of silk so the affluent wore it. The Ashanti were also known as slave owners and traders. Huh?” Dave Brandon posted on Facebook June 9. “This makes me wonder why they chose to wear this particular tribe's garb."

USA Today's defense of the Democrats (which is all most fact checks are these days):  "In the Facebook post, Brandon acknowledges kente cloth’s historical ties to the slave trade; however, he ignores the broader cultural significance the cloth has to West African and African American culture."

Cool Cool Cool.  So, since there's a broader cultural significance, Democrats donning slaver scarves is totally okay.  It's also entertaining that USA Today immediately switches to a more woke spelling, "Asante."  Now, it is true that the cloth is used more broadly today, and it evidently inspired similar cloths in nearby cultures.  The fact remains that kente cloth was proudly worn by slave owners and traders. 

It feels appropriate.  After all, Black commentators are the ones who have pointed out time and again that the Democrat party keeps Black Americans on a sort of modern plantation, keeping them dependent on government handouts while harvesting their votes.  Wouldn't real concern for the Black community involve assisting all underprivileged people to rise?

In a culture where we're now tearing down, renaming and rewriting everything associated with slavery and racism, it's probably a bad idea for White Democrats to wear Kente cloth, especially given that their party supported, defended and fought for slavery.

While we're destroying everything connected to slavery, though, here's one more company we'll have to tear down:

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

That Kente cloth thing and Pandering

Democrats have been criticized for wearing Kente cloth while doing an event they claimed was to honor George Floyd.  What people have misunderstood was that Pelosi and her flying monkeys weren't kneeling and wearing African cloth for black audiences.
As black critics have pointed out, George Floyd wasn't African.  He was a black American.  Pelosi and her minions knew that.  They weren't pandering to black America.

Democrats know they have the black vote.  It's a given.  They wore that fabric and knelt down to garner favor with the postgraduate-degreed white liberals who make up the backbone of Black Lives Matter.  They wanted to impress white moderates with how seriously they're taking this issue so that they can get their votes.

If the Democrats actually cared about black people, they'd have dedicated resources to helping people with vision get the training they need to get out of the inner city.  They don't, so they haven't.  Why give up the easy, mindless votes?

Post Script, in case CNN takes the article down eventually, here's what black folks are saying about the wearing of Kente cloth:

"My ancestors did not invent Kente cloth for them to be worn by publicity (obsessed) politicians as 'activism' in 2020," Jade Bentil, a Ghanaian-Nigerian researcher at University of Oxford, tweeted.

"Standing in front of a church and holding up a bible you never read for a photo op is no different than kneeling in kente cloth you never wear for a photo op," Charles Robinson, a sports reporter for Yahoo tweeted, referring to the now infamous moment when President Donald Trump held up a Bible at St. John's Episcopal Church for a photo-op last week.

"What if they, like, just passed some laws instead of dressing up like a Wakandan chess set?" screenwriter Eric Haywood tweeted.

Additional criticism from black Americans involved the focus of this event. 

CNN’s Poppy Harlow interviewed Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke about the recent protests that some in the Black Community have sparked after the police related deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

Harlow asked the Sheriff, who has been on several news shows on Fox and others, about a tweet he sent out implying that if Black lives mattered the protesters would be outside abortion clinics because of the high numbers of black babies killed by abortion.

The tweet sent by Sheriff Clarke, a black man himself, was sent to Mitch Smith, Journalist in the Chicago bureau of The New York Times and read, “If only these faux protesters were asked by media about all the black on black killing or black babies aborted in US every year.“

I think we can focus on every aspect of the loss of black lives in America.  Loss of life, especially unjust loss of innocent life, is worthy of protest.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Just some Bernie memes

Bernie Sanders has long since ceased to be news, but he did generate memes.  Some just funny, and some quite thought-provoking.  As a refresher, Bernie chose to defend and extol the U.S.S.R. and Castro regime.  He also promised to "forgive" all student debt.  And now, the memes.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

A Joe Biden Meme that didn't fit last time

Yep, that is all there is to this post.  The last one was pretty serious, and this didn't fit.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Joe Biden probably shouldn't be running

Here's the very aged elephant in the room.  Joe Biden probably shouldn't be running for the presidency.  First, he's a racist.  Well, at least as racist as Trump.  It's not an active hatred for other races, just some real stupidity in judging people by the color of their skin, which is more of a "casual" racism, it can be called that.  Remember his comments about then presidential candidate Obama?

"I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.  I mean, that's a storybook, man."  Source here.

It didn't take long for commenters on the left to point out that calling a Black person (we've changed that label in the last few years, too - African-American is out, Black is in) "articulate" is racist.  After all, why would we assume Black people aren't articulate?  We shouldn't.  Of course, I describe anyone who speaks really well as articulate regardless of color, but Joe Biden sure made it sound like he was surprised. 

You'd think he'd have learned from that.  But no, not he didn't.

So, old uncle Joe is still at it.  Speaking of stuff he's still at, he's one of those creepy old uncles.  After being called out for unwanted touching of women and children, Joe promised to do better, but he really hasn't.  He's a toucher, and it's troubling.  Here's this entertaining meme meshing the two big stories of the day (10 years from now, kids can look this up).

This seems relatively harmless, if creepy, but you probably know where I'm headed.  Recently, Joe Biden was credibly accused of rape.  When it comes to a credible accusation, I believe in thorough investigation and informed judgment.  That wasn't a standard applied when the Democrats and other political Leftists tried to disqualify Justice Kavanaugh with some truly vague accusations about his distant past.  He denied those accusations as vehemently and consistently as Joe Biden is denying the accusations against him.  Let me be clear:  I believe both men deserved then and deserve now the benefit of a proper investigation instead of political and media poo flinging.  However, by their own standards, Democrats painted themselves in a corner.  Unlike Kavanaugh's accuser, uncle Joe's accuser, Tara Reade, remembers exactly where and when her assault happened and had told friends at the time what had happened.  Several outlets could not help but compare, and here's a relevant Washington Post article (linked). 

Since the initial, very believable accusations, there have been additional people who came forward and brought Reade's account into some doubt.  However, note that even when the accusation was at the height of its credibility, Leftists did not care.  They were voting for him anyway.

As the columnist linked above said, "When Tara Reade first made her assault allegation against Joe Biden, I thought the charge was more likely to be true than false. To be clear, I had no intention of changing my vote."  What happened to "Believe all women," and "credible accusations" disqualifying a candidate?  That wasn't my position, that was the Left's.  The columnist was not alone:

So I guess trying to disqualify Kavanagh wasn't about credible accusations and believing women.  It was purely political, and that makes it extra disgusting.  They don't care if a man is a rapist, as long as he's on their side.  This led to a devastating meme:

Go, democratic party!  That's integrity for you.  It even disillusioned some of their biggest fans, who were consistent with their past assertions.  From Rose McGowan:

Sorry, Rose.  I think a lot of people have been where you have, and recently.

Setting aside Joe's racism and his weird touching thing, he seems to be having some serious lapses while talking.  This gaffes are concerning.  Note that I'm aware of Biden's stuttering issue, and I do not support or condone making fun of speech impediments.  Though some sources insist the gaffes and lapses are related to the stuttering issue, they don't seem so to me.  Others agree.  I know this is an opinion piece in the Post, but still, it's worth a look:  Democrats should be wary of backing Joe Biden and his "senior moments"

The truth is that anyone who has seen Biden up close knows he has some sort of cognitive impairment. He often seems bewildered, can’t remember what state he is in, if he’s running for the Senate or the presidency or even whether it’s Super Tuesday or “Super Thursday.”

On Monday, in Texas, he forgot the words of the Declaration of Independence mid-sentence, substituting “the thing” for God.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident,” he began. “All men and women created by the [pause, consternation, hands waving] go, you know, you know, the thing.”

Now, there's an alternate explanation for the "you know, the thing," comment.  He sounded genuinely frustrated by the lapse, but some folks believe he realized he couldn't say "God" and not get trashed by the Left, so that may have been a catching himself and substituting pause.  That could be, but it's not the only lapse he's had.  Oh, and dear Left, seriously, most of the nation still believes in God, it's okay not to crucify your politicians for saying it.  

While I can't say Trump is a good candidate, less of a gaffe machine, or a great champion and respecter of women, I can say Joe Biden seems to be senile, racist and way too touchy for modern America.  We've evolved more quickly than Joe's eight decades of life seem to let him, and that makes him a bad choice for president.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

May Day and Holocaust Remembrance Day

May Day (May 1st) and Holocaust Remembrance Day don't fall near each other on the calendar, but I saw a friend's older post on Holocaust Remembrance day on May Day, and there's a link.  For this post, I'm talking about International Workers' Day, which is basically a day to celebrate communism.

The link starts (as with so many things) with Hitler.  If you're using the American political spectrum, Hitler was on the far Left with other socialists and communists.  The feud between communists and Nazis was so bitter because it was a family feud.   The National Socialist Worker's Party was a form of socialism.  Nazis didn't outright try to own the means of production like communists and socialists, but they did believe in government control of them, and if an owner did not do as they liked, that owner was censured, put out of business, or killed.  That doesn't sound like conservatives or libertarians, who believe in maximizing competition so free market principles can weed out bad business models.

Consider this:  when has anyone on the far right, conservative or libertarian advocated strict, big government control of people and the economy?   As recent proof, who advocates continued shut down of the economy in the face of evidence that COvid-19, while very serious, is not as bad as we initially thought and can be effectively controlled using masks and social distancing without a stay at home order?  Who supports gun control, and who trusts individuals with the right to self-defense?

As historical proof, there's this:  Hitler and the socialist dream
It is now clear beyond all reasonable doubt that Hitler and his associates believed they were socialists, and that others, including democratic socialists, thought so too. The title of National Socialism was not hypocritical. The evidence before 1945 was more private than public, which is perhaps significant in itself. In public Hitler was always anti-Marxist, and in an age in which the Soviet Union was the only socialist state on earth, and with anti-Bolshevism a large part of his popular appeal, he may have been understandably reluctant to speak openly of his sources. His megalomania, in any case, would have prevented him from calling himself anyone's disciple. That led to an odd and paradoxical alliance between modern historians and the mind of a dead dictator. Many recent analysts have fastidiously refused to study the mind of Hitler; and they accept, as unquestioningly as many Nazis did in the 1930s, the slogan "Crusade against Marxism" as a summary of his views. An age in which fascism has become a term of abuse is unlikely to analyse it profoundly.

His private conversations, however, though they do not overturn his reputation as an anti-Communist, qualify it heavily. Hermann Rauschning, for example, a Danzig Nazi who knew Hitler before and after his accession to power in 1933, tells how in private Hitler acknowledged his profound debt to the Marxian tradition. "I have learned a great deal from Marxism" he once remarked, "as I do not hesitate to admit". 
When we say that we must never forget and never let history repeat itself, we focus on the Holocaust with good cause.  It was the horrific, targeted slaughter of a minority group by a huge, controlling government.  It was repugnant in every way.

Policies and ideologies resulting in the murder of millions of our fellow human beings should be rejected wholesale as mistakes in human history.  This brings us to May Day.  Remember that socialism, including Nazism and communism are on the far left of the American political spectrum.  One historian used fairly middling figures for how many fellow humans communists and their policies have killed.  Most of us think of this figure as about 100 million, and that is staggering, but it's really closer to 150 million.  "A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic."  Though possibly apocryphally attributed to Joseph Stalin, there's truth in that statement.  The horrifying slaughter of 6 million Jewish folks can be imagined.  We have images of the emaciated survivors.  We have photographs of the piled bodies.  The utter evil of it is known.  150 million people killed is too big, too much.  It's also horrifyingly evil.

People who still advocate socialism and communism today ignore that history.  The historian's post cited above lists 23 instances of communist governments that took part in that slaughter.  Venezuela's recent history pushes us closer to the 150 million mark. 

Just as we must never forget the Holocaust and never permit a repeat, we must never forget the nearly incomprehensible slaughter Marx's disciples have brought our world.  May Day is the perfect day to remember so that those who study history can repudiate those who would foolishly repeat it.