Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Solar System Warming

I'm not sure how I missed this one in 2007. However, it would appear Mars is having some global warming, too. How did we manage to release greenhouse gases there, I wonder?

Other scientists disagree with his analysis, naturally. They say the ice melt on Mars might be due to the natural precession of the planet, and that it's a coincidence that Earth and Mars are both in warm phases at the moment. Ours is due to humankind's activities, and Mars' is due to precession.

Then again, Jupiter has formed some new storms, too, and it's suggested these are due to climate change. It seems the sun may be conspiring with several planets to make the theory of human-caused global warming look wrong. Naturally this evidence won't shake the faith of true believers, but it's enough to add to my skepticism. It seems reasonable to gather more evidence before we leap to any conclusions.

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