Thursday, June 12, 2008

Calories on my menu - Kickin' it Libertarian Style

California and New York City have passed ordinances requiring restaurants to provide calorie information to customers on their menus. I heard one person discussing it say, "As a Libertarian, more or less, I'd like to see that information on my menu."

Fair enough, but if you're kickin' it libertarian style, you don't do it by legislation. By the way, this also coincides with how the free market should run.

If I want calorie information on my menu, I'm going to eat at places that provide it. I'm going to talk to the manager and say, "You know, for health reasons I'd love to see calories on my menu, and I'm going to make it a practice to frequent restaurants that provide that information. I want to keep eating here, and hope you'll agree it would be beneficial for your customers."

Then you follow up by spending your money where the information is available, and you encourage your friends and family to do the same. If enough of society agrees, no legislation or lawsuits are necessary. It happens because of market forces.

That is more work for you than legislating it. However, if the issue really matters to you, the effort is worth it. That's kickin' it libertarian style--never ask or let your government do anything you can do yourself, and thus you never sacrifice control of your life to them.

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