Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dirk Kempthorne, Secretary of the Interior says Drill

It's almost like the President and Senator McCain read my energy post this past week. No, I don't actually flatter myself that they did, especially since McCain admits to total computer illiteracy. I actually kind of wish President Bush hadn't said anything, since his advocating any policy seems to only hurt it these days, and we need to tap every energy source available.

Interestingly enough the U.S. Secretary of the Interior, who considers the polar bear threatened despite a five-fold population increase in the last few decades, agrees we need to be drilling wherever possible, and that the act of declaring the polar bear threatened in no way will prevent that energy extraction process.

He also confirmed that natural seeps in the ocean release 150 times the amount of oil and gas than our drilling platforms. Mother Nature, it would seem, is the largest source of oil spills.

The full interview may be found here.

The bottom line is that the failed policy of congressional obstructionism needs to end and we need to obtain our own energy rather than sitting on an imaginary pedestal wearing spotless white gloves and pretending it's okay to make the rest of the world do our dirty work for us.

We are the only nation on the planet with the capability to drill that is not doing so. Everyone else, recognizing the coming demand for energy, is developing every resource they can. Brazil's energy independence comes not just from its sugar-based ethanol production (they don't use the less efficient corn production we do), but from its off shore platforms.

Only Congress and the environmentalist movement stand in the way. Call your federal representatives and tell them to permit drilling off the coast, fast track nuclear reactor building permits and allow the extraction of oil from shale and coal.

When they tell you it will take too long, remind them it took you a year of 13 years of education to get your high school diploma, yet that's something most people consider worthwhile. Those with a Bachelor's Degree has 17 years of education (K-12 plus 4 years of college) under their belts, and no one will dispute the investment of 17 years was worth the degree.

Why is 10 years too long a time to develop a vital resource that will contribute to our economy and national defense?

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