Friday, June 6, 2008

Hellooooo Knife Control

I'm stunned by this news story in the Washington Post.

I was surprised by the quote from Leila Shire:
"A lot of people are carrying" knives, said Shire, 24, a family friend of Arsema Dawit, who police say was the unarmed victim of a 21-year-old man charged with stabbing her repeatedly in an elevator.

"A lot of people think that it's better to be safe than sorry, and the only way they can be safe is maybe if I carry something, you know," Shire said. "It's that kind of mentality that's making more crimes."
How does that mentality make more crimes? Answer: it doesn't.

But then I got to the quote from Prime Minister Gordon Brown:
Prime Minister Gordon Brown on Thursday announced a crackdown on teenagers carrying knives, saying that those as young as 16 will be prosecuted for knife possession on the first offense. Previously, anyone younger than 18 generally received only a warning.

"Young people need to understand that carrying knives doesn't protect you, it does the opposite -- it increases the danger for all of us, destroys young lives and ruins families," Brown said after meeting with top police and government officials at his 10 Downing Street office. "Recent tragic events have reminded us of that."
This is simply insane. Law-abiding citizens having weapons doesn't endanger people. Criminals having weapons endanger people.

Another note:
Of the 16 teenage homicide victims in London so far this year, police said, two were shot, three were beaten and 11 were stabbed. Of the 26 teenagers slain in London last year, 16 cases involved knives.
Wait, I thought there were no guns allowed in London. How were two teens shot?

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AndrewP said...

We've come too far from personal responsibility. In the new, "no-fault society made me do it" culture, we're foolishly blaming the tool for the action. When Gug first picked up a rock and bashed in Thog's skull for sleeping with his wife, to get his neat chipped bone knife or whatever, Gug was at fault, not the rock.

Until humanity changes its violent nature, you can ban what you want and it won't help. Ban guns, and we'll use knives. Ban knives and we'll use frying pans, furniture parts and lamps. Ban those and we'll use rocks and sticks. Good luck banning rocks. If we give up our violent natures, we could all carry around M249 squad automatic weapons locked and loaded and there'd still be no murdering. Implements used in murder are not the cause and have no special magic that causes people to become violent. We should punish murderers, not knives. Doesn't it sound silly to try to punish a knife?