Saturday, June 14, 2008

Systems that work and systems that don't

A repost of one of my favorite ironic posts ever. With the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) deliberating on the Heller case and 2nd amendment, it's as appropriate as ever, though it would be President Obama, not Clinton, banning talk radio now.

This morning [September 06, 2007] on the Armstrong and Getty Radio show a story was discussed by Joe, one of the hosts. Reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, the story detailed the shooting death of a lifetime petty criminal, ironically enough, by another criminal. I couldn't help but respond to Joe. My e-mail follows.

You told the story of a car stereo thief shot dead in San Francisco. Joe, you're mistaken. That can't have happened. San Francisco has all but banned firearms. You can't have one out on the street. Heck, if you come into San Francisco with a proper CCW permit and the police catch you, they'll take away your gun and mail it back to the Sheriff in your home county. So, no petty thief could have been shot, because gun banning works and you can't have one in San Francisco!

In addition San Francisco takes care of you cradle to grave. They'll pay for your health care, they'll make sure you're fed, they'll find you a place to stay. Socialism works better than capitalism, and contented, well-cared for people don't commit crimes.

So, clearly your Zionist Neoconservative masters had you report this lie of a story to try to brainwash the masses into believing that personal responsibility and freedom is a better option. Just you wait until President Hillary takes office and bans talk radio. Then free thought will truly reign in this country.

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