Thursday, July 3, 2008

Are you kidding me? San Francisco pays airfare to send criminal illegal aliens home--without prosecuting them!

I heard about this story today and couldn't believe it. This is the San Francisco Chronicle version, so it's the most liberal you can get. Here's the Fox interview on it. While I was searching for the actual story, I also found that Michelle Malkin has already blogged about it.

What can I add to that? Not much. I'm shocked, appalled and certain that we're authoring the downfall of our nation by ignoring our laws and allowing criminal illegal aliens to do as they please here. In California, and increasingly throughout the U.S., we seem to want to target lawful citizens doing legal things, like owning and carrying their firearms, using cell phones in traffic, regulating helmet use on motorcycles and so forth while we ignore and in this case, aid and abet, criminals!

When it's time to vote, please consider very carefully who is running for each office, especially legislative ones for both the state and federal level.

If we expect more from our politicians instead of accepting them as corrupt scumbags, they will have to change to meet our expectations.

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