Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Self-Defeating Environmentalism

I'm astounded at some "environmentalism." We need energy in this nation, and we only have a few choices on how to get it. Hydroelectric is great, but we've tapped most of our best locations. We're close to capacity. In addition, just try to get through the environmentalist-created hurdles to build a new dam.

Another solution is solar energy, and one would think there's no problem with solar energy. One would be wrong. Here's a story about the Bureau of Land Management placing a moratorium on new solar energy products on federal land for at least two years so they can study the environmental impact of solar panels on BLM lands.

Environmental impact of solar panels in the desert? Um, it'll provide some shade for some very overheated lizards. The tiny critters will sing little lizard songs to praise the giant deity-like humans who gave them refuge from the Sauron-like burning eye of the sun. That's the freaking environmental impact. They might even build little lizard churches to us.

In all seriousness, the oil pipelines in Alaska have helped shelter and warm animals in the area, especially during breeding season. We clean up and sink large ships to act as artificial reefs in the ocean, and oil platforms in many oceans serve to shelter sea life.

All changes to the environment are not bad. The longer we put off new sources of energy, the more desperately we'll need them. When real crisis comes, people won't pay attention to the screaming environmentalists while they build massive coal burning plants. Why not let us build our solar panels now to stave that off? Maybe a few nuclear reactors, too?

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