Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ecochondria in Remission?

A recent study indicates we're not as worried about global warming as we used to be. A lot of people are asking why.

We're not big on faith-based fervor in the U.S., and I think that's why the human-caused global warming craze seems to be dying down.

The more you study it, the more ambiguous the actual science becomes. In fact, a lot of the research done on our 0.7 degree Celsius temperature rise in the last 100 years points to solar cycles.

It's important not to pollute, and we have to work toward alternative energy, as dinosaur juice is absolutely going to run out eventually, but the ecochondriac push toward envirosocialism seems to be recoiling from the bright light of reasoned inquiry. They ran on emotion, and you can't keep people in a state of panic forever.

Another factor may be that many of the global warming activists knew full well this was not a human-caused environmental crisis, but a perfect vehicle for socialism. Why else would Al Gore be so vehement about the subject, yet live a life of massive consumption (aside from the lining his own pockets aspect, of course)? If you believe this is a coming crisis, you don't pay for carbon offsets, you actually change your lifestyle, yet many activists aren't doing that.

With Obama being hailed by the media as our next president, such activists no longer need a Trojan horse cause to usher in global socialism. He's openly talking about his plans to take us in that direction. That means these people can put down their "The End is Near" signs and pick up "Obama '08" signs.

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