Thursday, August 28, 2008

Heinous Acts on the Border

I've been meaning to transcribe this for some time. I've listened for some time to the Pat and Edd show. On July 21, 2008, Edd of the Pat and Edd show went to San Antonio, Texas for the Texas Sheriff's association meeting, specifically talking with the Texas Border Coalition Sheriff's Association.

He interviewed one of the attendees, Gary Bergman who worked in Florida on a fast coastal interceptor crew and later as a border patrol agent near Eagle Pass. One of the things the former agent shared seemed too wild to be true, but it's hard to contradict someone who actually worked in border patrol. Here's what Gary said:

Gary: "For about a six month period they were kidnapping children down in Mexico, and whenever a child came across the checkpoint sleeping in the car seat, we had direct orders to wake up the child because they were surgically removing the child's insides and stuffing them with dope and putting an actual heavy-duty zipper. So, whenever a car came through the checkpoint we had to say, 'Ma'am can you wake up the child?' They're like, 'He's sleeping.' 'I know I need to wake up the child.' As long as we saw movement in the child, you know, then we let them through."

Edd: "But your direct intelligence was these people are so heinous, so violent, so bloodthirsty, so cold and evil they actually would use the corpses of children in car seats to bring dope in."

Gary: "Absolutely."

I'd like to have the story verified. If it can be, it justifies putting the military on the Southern border to stop such awful acts.


Charlie said...

You have GOT to be kidding! Why is this not a headline on every TV and radion station in the country?! All we are hearing about is these silly men who think they can turn this country around in 4 years...that is another topic... So I need to ask; What is being done with these people when they find them?

Andrew said...

I wish I were kidding. I can't believe anyone could conceive of, let alone actually do this. I'd like to see more confirmation on it.