Friday, August 8, 2008

UFO nutters on Larry King

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Larry King had some UFO moonbats on his show. They're not exactly polite to the scientists pointing out the problems with their logic. Here's the video, but the sound is a bit problematic:

Video Part 1
Video Part 2
Video Part 3
Video Part 4

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Andrew said...

It's odd to me that the filmmaker seems to be the most rational fellow of the group. He has a healthy, "We just don't know" attitude even having collected a lot of anecdotal and even some documented evidence.

My best guess on these events would be that the military was doing some sort of testing on hardware, on the scientific observers, etc. What we presently know of physics means it's very unlikely anything intelligently piloted is visiting this world from any other solar system given a reasonable life span for the pilot, and a realistic quantity of reaction mass for the craft.

What didn't I like? The absolute believers on both sides of the issue. Bill Nye is a human-caused global warming theory believer. The evidence isn't conclusive on that matter, yet he's not a skeptic, he's a believer. Similarly, he wasn't open to anything the others said in this discussion. He didn't believe in extraterrestrial visitation, and he'd grab onto any argument to support his position. That's not skepticism, that's activism.

So much for scientific objectivity.

It's a fascinating discussion that apparently even the governments of England and France can't settle. I doubt all the gathered intelligence the U.S. has probably hidden out of fear of public panic would help at all.

As for a government conspiracy, I'm very doubtful that could be pulled off. 60 years of knowledge kept so well hidden? When our government can't keep its terror-fighting methodology secret from the New York Times, I'd be loathe to defend the position they can keep extraterrestrial visitation quiet for more than half a century.