Thursday, September 4, 2008

Palin for the Win

It's hard to escape the truth: Palin is much more compelling than McCain. With about the same amount of high office experience as Obama, but in an executive capacity, there's no reason this woman couldn't have been the Republican party nominee for the presidency. The fact she isn't is a huge mistake. McCain's speech tonight was a solid let down after Palin's excellent oratory.

Still, Palin may do the job. I'm not Republican, and I wasn't going to vote for McCain. With Palin on the ticket, I just might.

If I were voting purely on personality, I'd be voting for Obama. I like how he's shrugged off innocent comments rather than making political hay with them. I like how he was prompt to declare Palin's family off limits. That was classy. He strikes me as a pleasant person.

Unfortunately, Obama's also a solid socialist, and I simply can't support that. It hasn't worked in Canada or Western Europe. It didn't work in the U.S.S.R. There's no evidence the U.S. can follow the same failed patterns and somehow make them work.

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