Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Banks Still Planning To Pay Bonuses

This one is a no brainer. If your company is receiving taxpayer money to bail your company out -- bonuses are cancelled. I'm not sorry.

So check out this news story featured on Drudge Report: Hard Times But Still Big Wall Street Bonuses

I think somebody should put together a new show, specifically aimed at Wall Street bailout recipients with the following theme. (Must Watch Video).


Andrew said...

I can not understand why big businesses receiving government assistance are acting so irresponsibly. The only thing I can imagine is they're somehow bound by contract, but generally those contractual bonuses are tied to performance. If they're receiving government assistance, it would be tough to say their performance has been good.

Andrew said...

Having gotten home and seen the video, I imagine you were looking for a way to use this particular clip. It's pretty funny, though I'm glad not actual gonads were evidently harmed in the making of the segment. It seems like the perfect fusion of anger and entertainment. Nicely done.

Big Jay said...

Nope. I read the news, and went to youtube to find a clip like this.

I don't understand it. Congress took like 2.5 seconds to pass the 700 Billion Dollar Bailout. What's so hard about passing a law that cancels the bonuses?