Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Letter to the Governor and my California State Representatives

Governor Schwarzenegger introduced the idea of "revenue increases" last week to help with California's budget issues. I wrote in response to the governor and my Senate and Assembly representatives. I encourage all Californians to do the same.

I’m writing out of concern at the idea of “increasing revenue” for California State government. California’s families haven’t received a revenue increase. In fact, many of us are suffering from revenue reductions. Using the euphemism “revenue increase” doesn’t change the fact that what's being proposed is raising taxes, which is something the average Californian can’t afford.

We lost about 90,000 Californians in state-to-state moves last year, a number buried by the influx of immigrants from outside of the U.S. That means we’re trading established taxpayers for people who will be productive soon, but may need the benefit of some basic services right now.

Raising taxes in the current economy will drive more established families out of California. For other families, like mine, which aren’t in a position to move, it may mean the difference between barely making things work financially, and failing to make things work, causing us to lose our homes and become burdens on the state.
While California families are desperately trying to cut all the expenses we can to remain solvent, it’s unfair to ask us to pay the expenses of a government unwilling to make similar cuts. I recognize the difficult and unpopular nature of such cuts, but face analogous cuts in personal finances myself. I’m not asking you as my representative to do anything I’m unwilling to do myself.

Another suggestion, however unpopular with the more extreme environmental activists, is to open California coasts to safe, responsible oil drilling, providing a new source of tax revenue geologically tied to our state and thus unable to flee California’s high tax, anti-business environment.

Please review the following analysis of California’s budget problem and take to heart the suggestions for elimination of wasteful spending proposed by this analyst. I sincerely hope you’ll consider them before harming my ability to provide for my family. Thank you for your time.

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