Monday, November 17, 2008

More end of the Republic

Yeah, I know. I'm always saying it's the end of the republic. Seriously, though, our system depends on educated voters, and I mean educated on the Constitution and how government actually works, not what candidates were wearing or who was pregnant.

The "Who's in control of Congress" question floored me. Congress usually gets an approval rating in the low teens, and peopled don't even know who they're mad at, because they don't know who has control of our legislative branch!

Yup, it's over.


Big Jay said...

Disclaimer: Obama won the college educated vote too. We could have easily put together a similar video for McCain voters, especially in rural areas of Iowa, or among any of my employees, even the ones who voted for McCain.

I guess that still reinforces the idea that the Republic is ending - I blame the schools on this one. I remember being told that I should vote, but nobody ever explained basic civics to me.

Andrew said...

Oddly enough, my government class in high school was great, better even than the gen. ed. poli. sci. (those are way too many abbreviations in one sentence) class I had at U.C. Berkeley in terms of explaining government functioning.

My fear is this: many people had no idea what they were voting for. They were just excited. That's how the NAZI party rose to power. While I don't think the Democrats are the same thing as the National Sozialistische Deutsch Arbeiter-Partei (National Socialist German Worker's Party), they're using some disturbingly similar methodologies.

The guy who's behind the creation of this film is staunchly Libertarian. Even more so than I am--he wouldn't have voted for McCain or Obama. When he says he tried to find the informed ones, I believe it.

As for a college education, you and I both have one if memory serves. My college education hasn't much to do with how politically aware I am.