Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Obama's not Skipping Church

After reading this article, I wrote in to the Armstrong and Getty show and made air with an e-mail, as they were discussing the same subject. Here it is:
Obama hasn't been skipping church, no matter what the article says. Remember, his faith was repackaged Marxism, or "Black Liberation Theology." He's still a Marxist, so he's practicing just fine. Also, he started going to church mostly to gain power. He has the power, so is a member in good standing.

When you worship power and Marxism, you don't actually need a church to renew your devotion.
Today national talk show host Glenn Beck expressed similar thoughts. I knew I wasn't the only one to have the idea, I'm just surprised that anyone would be in any way shocked that Obama doesn't attend a physical church. Given the above, of course he doesn't.


Big Jay said...

I think if you make an assertion like: 'Obama is a Marxist' you have the obligation to at least back it up somehow. It just feels a little strong of a statement to me.

Count me in the camp that doesn't care if Obama goes to church or not.

Andrew said...

See prior entries for my reasons I believe he's Marxist. Note that I don't know that he'll implement Marxist policies in office, just that he personally seems to believe in Marxism.

I also don't care if he goes to church, I was mostly amused that anybody was surprised.