Thursday, November 6, 2008

Unpaid Campaign Workers

Reports of Barack Obama failing to pay some campaign workers seem kind of odd. After all, he's rolling in campaign cash. Still, Omerica should have no fear. He doesn't take care of his own family, despite having plenty of resources to do so. He doesn't take care of his campaign workers. I'm sure he'll take care of you, though.


Big Jay said...

Biden too. He's like the least likely politician to donate to charity ever. But he totally talks the talk. And I must say that even though in a lot of ways he's totally worthless... I still like having him around in a weird sort of way.

Andrew said...

Biden's a joke. He rides the expensive train to DC and pretends he's the average commuter--his train ride costs about $100/day, much more than you'd spend driving a Prius to work.

His speaking gaffes have been tremendous, bordering on racist at times, and he's an elitist, touting himself as brilliant despite every indication he's not.

Not that I have an opinion about the man. However much I disagree with his political positions, I respect Obama as an intelligent, capable man. He could have picked someone much better than Biden for a Vice President.

I'm sure it was meant to address the experience issue, but it brings back jokes from past administrations. I'll be praying for Obama's health and safety not just as an American who respects the office of the presidency even if I disagree on policy issues, but also as a frightened man who desperately does not want to see a Biden or Pelosi administration!