Sunday, December 21, 2008

China Blocks access to the New York Times

China does some pretty inexplicable things. One of them is blocking access to the New York Times site for their subjects, er, citizens. Why bother blocking access to one of your own media arms?

Today media blamed George Bush for the mortgage meltdown and economic crisis. Really? Quite a few people were to blame spanning more than one administration, but the vast majority of blame belongs to Congress. The point is humorously made here, and treated more extensively (by a democrat) here.

The truth is that people are having a hard time believing the media any more. In this last election, they had an agenda so strong and unchallenged that they failed to do their job. In case you've forgotten what that job is, it's not to get one candidate elected, but to critically evaluate each candidate in the race, including discovering their backgrounds, foibles and failures. That's right, they're not supposed to only find those things out about the Republican candidate. The result is that we're going to have quite a few surprises in the months to come, and they'll be things we should have known before we voted.

For the media, this agenda-driven approach to reporting is going to be more costly than ever. Fewer people are relying on traditional news sources. Trying to get any semblance of balance means going to the internet to take in multiple data sources. This only hastens the demise of the major papers, who were already sliding given their method of operation: Yesterday's news, served up cold today!

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Big Jay said...

Don't bother blocking access to one of your own media arms. Love it.