Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Good Move By The Big 3 (if it was 10 years ago)

General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler are going hat in hand tomorrow, begging money off of the American taxpayer.

Here is a story detailing how after the public relations fiasco a few weeks ago, the Big 3 Auto Manufacturers have sold off their private jets, or are planning to sell them off. Instead of flying into Washington in 3 separate corporate jets, they're driving to Washington in their cool new fuel efficient cars.

Hey, it's a good public relations move. Except that tiny detail that they're asking for BILLIONS of dollars from Joe Taxpayer. Listen up Detroit CEO's ---- That was a decision you should have made years ago before you drove your company into the ground.

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Andrew said...

It'd be good if Congress had grilled financial institutions, too, before handing them money. Silly of them to do it just to the big 3.

The answer on this one should be no handout, and I realize the severe pain that could cause. In America, if your business model fails, you go bankrupt, are bought by someone with a better plan, and life goes on. The process does involve tremendous discomfort, but it leads to better businesses. We can't hand these guys money, and shouldn't have handed AIG and others any money.