Wednesday, January 28, 2009

FBI Knew of Mortgage Industry Fraud

Another story worth your time.

This is the kind of stuff that just... I don't know, bothers me. It's hard for me not to say things that make me sound like nancy boy John Kerry. The Bush Administration took their eye off the ball.

The FBI knew about the mortgage industry fraud, briefed the Bush administration but they still diverted 2400 FBI agents to counterterrorism. It makes me wonder.

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Andrew said...

One wonders why the FBI arrested Illinois Governor Blagojevich possibly before any actual crime was committed to prevent him from selling a senate seat, yet failed to act to prevent the mortgage fraud they were aware of?

Selling a senate seat is incredibly damaging to our nation, but would be rectified at the next election. The mortgage melt down, we will probably all agree, has been significantly more damaging than one crooked senator.