Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tax Evasion in Office

Anybody remember this story? Wesley Snipes went to jail for 3 years for failing to properly file his tax returns.

Meanwhile, as long as Timmy Geithner is really sorry, and it's really Turbotax's fault in his mind, he's okay to file fraudulent returns and be accepted to the post with complete control over hundreds of billions of dollars. Of course, Congress had to overlook the fact that he is blatantly lying about it being a mistake, given the deductions he claimed and the notices he signed. He simply did what he could to cheat the IRS out of every cent possible.

Normally I'm not sad to see someone outsmart the IRS, but for someone appointed to a vital post by Obama, shouldn't this be a huge disqualifier? I mean, Biden made it clear paying higher taxes is a patriotic duty.

Oh, and do we really think a guy who uses Turbotax instead of doing his own taxes line by line is the genius we want in charge of the Treasury?

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Big Jay said...

I agree completely with this post. I can't believe this guy ever got taken seriously by anyone for a cabinet position.