Wednesday, January 7, 2009

That's Rather Shocking

I'm always amazed how people accept otherness as a matter of course--you must or you're intolerant. It's okay to bash Christianity, because it's familiar. Traditional values are fair game, too, despite the fact that they've worked for many years and the alternatives don't seem to do as much good for society.

I'd submit that there are limits, however. Tolerance of intolerance isn't tolerance, it's stupidity.

This protester certainly doesn't speak for everyone on the pro-Palestinian side of things, but the message sure gives such protesters a bad name.

By the way, you don't have to be anti-Palestinian to support Israel in this conflict. I'm pro-Palestinian, pro-Israeli and anti-Hamas, anti-terrorist. I think if anyone lobs missiles into your territory for 6 months before you start surgical strikes, you've shown admirable restraint.

Israel is going out of its way to avoid civilian casualties. Hamas is going out of its way to inflict them.

Yet, it seems like those on the left are still anti-Israel. Perhaps they agree with this demonstrator that Jews should "Go Back to the Oven"? I don't care how tolerant you are, that line is unacceptable, and a sign that we've let things go too far in our society.

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Big Jay said...

Yes. As a thought experiment imagine how long it would take for a response of overwhelming force if gangs in Reno Nevada were shooting missles into Las Vegas. Would it take six months? Six weeks? Six days? Six hours?

Six hours or less is about right.