Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Seeds of Revolution

If our republic were a car, I'd describe it this way: it's an old car that creaks a lot, and every time you hear a noise, you listen carefully to see if that noise is the one that means the car is going to fall apart. (I know this feeling, because one of our cars last year snapped the timing chain, ending the engine.)

It seems every headline I see with respect to the state or federal government is like this. I read it and wonder, "will this be the last straw that causes revolution?"

A small list:

Texas crafts plan for Mexico collapse
Governor, key legislators reach deficit-fixing accord (including $14 Billion increased taxes)
Judges back a one-third reduction in state prison population (that means releasing convicted felons)
Ruin Your Health With the Obama Stimulus Plan (yep, the federal "stimulus" plan is a 680-page document with 200+ pages radically changing how health care in the US works)
16 illegals sue Arizona rancher (yes, a man who's caught 12,000 illegal aliens coming across the border on his land, killing animals and vandalizing his property is being sued by 16 of those same criminals).

Under normal circumstances, I can't imagine revolution or civil war in the US. However, as more and more people feel the government is acting against their interests and not listening, they will discard the vote as an option and turn to the gun.

All it will take is sufficient civil unrest. And the Texas story is a potential source of it. My nightmare scenario:
  1. Mexico collapses, people stream across the borders
  2. Texas responds with armed forces to maintain order
  3. Federal government says, "hey don't do that, it's not nice"
  4. TX says, "go to hell feds, we're handling this"
  5. Civil unrest occurs, overwhelming local law enforcement
  6. Revolution
Of course, if people feel that their elected representatives are listening to them, this can be prevented (or I could just be wrong, which I hope is the case). It's a shame that legislators don't seem to understand this.

Call your legislators. I talked with my California legislators' offices yesterday, and they seem to be listening to me. Hopefully they're not in the minority.


Big Jay said...

I too am seeing signs of civil unrest, but I feel that ultimately our republic is strong and will be able to weather the storms. What worries me most are two things: the financial fissures forming, and the fact that so many of our citizens are not educated in basic civics, literacy, and economics.

Mark said...

We could weather just about any one thing. The problem is all these things at once: financial problems, neighboring country collapse, and increasing disenfranchisement.