Wednesday, March 11, 2009

California: No Longer a Legitimate Government

The fraudulent effort to get deceitful Prop 1A on to the May 19 special election ballot is now complete. Judicial review has left out the most important information about the proposition from the summary of the initiative.

What's Prop 1A? As part of the legislature's work on the CA budget, they passed 1A onto the ballot. Republicans cheer about the fact that it has a spending cap on it (though the cap is based on average revenue--that is, the legislature can spend more if it taxes more). What they're not telling you is that it also extends for 2 years the increase in the state sales tax and income tax. The estimated additional taxes are $20 Billion.

Yep, that's right. The legislature passed it, the governor signed it, and the judges said A-OK, even though the wording of the summary doesn't mention the single most important part of the prop, its huge additional tax burden on the average family (which you can estimate for your own family here).

In my opinion, this signals the complete collapse of legitimacy of the CA government. Of course, it doesn't matter what I think. However, if I saw counties secede from the state and join a neighbor, I certainly wouldn't be able to think of a reason that it wouldn't be justified.


Andrew said...

This is maddening, and the Unions will put so much money behind it that it will pass.

Mark said...

Sadly, the concern by the corrupt legislators was that the unions would put money into defeating the toothless spending cap. That's the excuse at least for tying it to the tax extension.