Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ending Daylight Savings Time

Purists will tell you it's really "Daylight Saving Time." I don't actually care that much about the s, because I'm for making it a footnote in history.

The more we study it, the less making a twice-yearly change in our time seems worth the effort. Originally, it was thought DST would save energy, but more recent studies say it saves little to no energy at all. Like many government programs, it's not that it's actually helpful, it's just a habit.

Time changing is a habit it's time we break. The problem is that changing the time costs lives. People don't need their circadian rhythms altered twice a year, and most people don't get enough sleep to start with. We can get used to any time schedule as long as it's not changed on us regularly.

Arizona has the right idea with regard to this program: they don't do it. Give your legislator a break from the tough issues and suggest to them we either end DST or switch permanently to it.

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Big Jay said...

I second this motion. I used to live in Arizona, and I like it better that way.