Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm a Ron Paul Supporter For The Time Being

Okay. Here's the deal. I didn't support Ron Paul during the 2007 Republican primary. I supported Mitt Romney. I still am a huge fan of Mitt.

But I have had enough. The government was bloated before this past October. It was a hulking mass of overextended unfunded obligations. Congress has decided to fix the problem by digging us deeper into the hole.

We have to shrink the size of government. It simply has to happen.

During 2007 I liked Ron Paul's ideas for the most part, but felt that it was too much for America. His agenda would be too radical, too disruptive. I felt that Ron Paul wasn't electable.

Starting right now the candidate that has the most realistic plan for shrinking government will get my support. This goes for all levels of government.

There are still things in the Ron Paul camp that I think are kooky and a little bit off. I don't agree with everything. But the part about radically shrinking the size of government -- that part I agree with. Shrinking government has my enthusiastic support. I also have been struggling with the fact that a political view that wants to shrink government almost by definition has a problem consolidating a political constituency. How do we do it? How do you get the votes needed to shrink government? I don't know.


Andrew said...

Ron Paul's a little extreme. I actually support the more mainstream Libertarian party. Last election I cast my vote for Bob Barr / Wayne Root. I actually have mostly heard from Wayne Root in interview, and I really like him.

Basically, I go for practical Libertarianism. That is, we still do need an FBI. Complete libertarianism doesn't provide much domestic security. I think we still need some.

Ron Paul is kind of a tangent to the Libertarian party.

I'm still a Decline to State voter, but I see myself as Libertarian because I want smaller government, less spending and fewer nanny laws.

Big Jay said...

Once you really start to explore the world of smaller government it isn't hard to make plenty of room for all kinds of opinions. I'll probably do a blog post about this, but what if you could veto where your money goes when you do your tax returns. Like, if you owe $2000 you still owe $2000 but you can specifically state that none of that money goes to pay for the military if you're anti-war. You're cool with building roads, and paying social security so you veto the military budget. Over time you'd really get public support behind shrinking government. And the services that really bring value to our lives (public parks to name an example) continue to get funded. Gladly.