Tuesday, March 3, 2009

One More Video - How to get health care...

Nick Gillespie is one of the coolest people ever. Just wanted to throw this up here today, you know, to take everybody's mind off of this.

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Andrew said...

Gee, seems way too easy. Here's what surprises me that people don't understand: government can't buy for everyone what they can't buy for themselves.

That is, government can pay for a few space shuttles using the combined resources of all taxpayers.

If every tax payer can't pay for health insurance, however, government can't afford to provide quality health insurance to every person. The math doesn't work.

Even accounting for wealthier individuals, the government can't take in enough to pay for this. That's why Hawaii's health care program for children failed. That's why European and Canadian health care systems are failing.

I would like for health care to be a universal right. I think we need to take care of everyone. Established systems attempting it, however, have proven that the methods currently in use and proposed for accomplishing it won't work.