Thursday, March 12, 2009

The out of touch Department of Justice

Um, Department of Justice? The vast majority of citizens and legal residents in the U.S., including those of Latin heritage, support enforcing our immigration laws.

Instead of investigating Sheriff Joe Arpaio, why not do your job so he doesn't have to do it for you?


Big Jay said...

I don't get it. What's the problem with enforcing our existing laws?

Nicholas said...

Here's a solution to both unemployment and illegal immigration:
1) Issue anyone in the unemployment line that wants a job, a badge and a gun.
2) Let them find an illegal immigrant that has a job.
3) Let them escort that immigrant to the border.
4) Let them have the job that is now freed up.
5) The badge and gun can now be returned.

It's so simple.
If there's remaining unemployment, give some of them guns, and the rest shovels. The ones with guns enforce the border, while the ones with shovels dig a moat/build up a wall.

Andrew said...

Nicholas, that makes too much sense, so government will never do it.

Well, that and it doesn't further their power. Like the flat tax or a national sales tax replacing our current impossible structure. Yes, it makes sense, but it doesn't increase government power, so it'll never happen.