Sunday, March 8, 2009

People Who Think Obama Intends to Create a Great Depression II

You guys probably recall that I was a republican voter who was fairly optimistic about an Obama presidency. I voted for McCain, but not very enthusiastically. I remember explaining to several of my rabidly democratically leaning acquaintances why I would do such a thing as vote republican after 8 years of 'failed policy'.

And seriously... the Republicans weren't exactly doing themselves any favors. Bush/Cheney weren't doing the public relations to explain their policies to the American people. Not worth their time. The republican voters shucked the qualified candidates aside for spurious reasons and ended up with everyone's second choice as the nominee. (Sorry McCain - I do like you, really I do)

I remember explaining to a bunch of Republicans why I would rather have Hillary than Obama. Oh, not Hillary! Yeah, but at least the Clintons balanced the budget once. And at least Bill Clinton went against the crazies in his party at least a couple times per year because they were, well crazy.

I remember telling a lot of my republican friends that it isn't going to be that bad. Obama is a smart guy. He's going to take the country in a direction I wouldn't take it, but he'll do some things only a Democrat could do (chill on marijuana, broker a compromise on gay marriage, similar to how Clinton was the only one who really could pass welfare reform).

But Obama is really really making me nervous. Here are a couple of links. John Reed thinks that Obama is deliberately trying to cause a great depression. Rush Limbaugh thinks the same thing.

Add my name to that list. The administration's actions have gone way beyond 'responding to a crisis'. You don't respond to a financial crisis by doing the things they are doing.

I've got a list of things that have led me to believe that Obama and company are doing this intentionally, but I'll leave that for the comments section. If you also think Obama is intentionally trying to give us Great Depression II add your name to the list in the comments section.

- Big Jay


Andrew said...

I honestly don't know if it's intentional. There's on big reason why it might be: the first one cemented decades of single-party rule in the U.S. despite the fact that it's pretty clear the policies of the governing party extended the depression (compared to the duration suffered by other nations).

People naively seem to think Obama cares about them. No, he's a politician. He cares about power.

He's also a Marxist (see my previous posts on why I believe this). Others who have waved the banner of Marxism have been about power, and snuffing opposition to their power (Stalin comes to mind, Castro on a much lesser scale, etc.)

It could be there's enough mix of power-hunger and mistaken idealism to create disaster. I'd have a hard time distinguishing that from intentionally tanking the economy. A true ideologue is happy to ignore the data or claim it's wrong in order to push his agenda.

Unfortunately, I believe the current actions taken by the government will result in a worsening of the economy and indebtedness that will make slaves of not just our children, but our grandchildren.

My sincere hope is that, like a patient who shocks doctors with an amazing recovery despite poor treatment, the economy comes back strong. At this point, I don't even care if Obama's policies get credit. People who understand economics will be able to analyze and realize the economy recovered in spite of those policies, not because of them.

Andrew said...

I did forget to add one thing. As long as we're talking about radio commentators, I was very surprised that the situation we're presently in was predicted by Glenn Beck. He's very into history, and has a great research team, but will be the first to tell you he's a former alcoholic DJ. How did he foresee this economic situation while economists missed it? He was talking about it when other people were telling him he was nuts, and had transferred all his assets out of the stock market long before it tanked. If I didn't enjoy the entertainment content of his show (he has some great bits) I'd have never known about it.

Big Jay said...

He's pursuing policies that he wants, or agrees with despite abundant reasons to fear that those same policies would drive us into a depression. He doesn't care if we go there or not. To me that's the same as doing it on purpose.

Mark said...

I actually voted for Hillary in the primary here in CA (I'm not registered with a party, and the Dems allow us I's to vote in their primary). I wasn't thrilled with McCain and figured Hillary would be a better choice than Obama anyway.