Sunday, March 29, 2009

Socialist, or Fascist?

It's hard to determine if the GM CEO resigning at Mr. Obama's behest would be socialist or fascist. Oh, that's right. Even in European and Canadian socialist states the heads of state don't tend to remove CEOs. Guess it must be fascism.


Jean said...

I guess this is partly the natural consequence of them asking for a whole lot of money from the government--they have to dance to Obama's tune now. It came with strings attached.

Yeah, totally horrifying.

Big Jay said...

In prison, there's no such thing as as free cigarettes.

I feel exactly the same way about Waggoner having to step down as I did about the auto bailout in the first place. Too much government intervention. Government doesn't belong in the conversation.

Andrew said...

I guess it's really not a shock. The Federal Government really doesn't have much power under the Constitution. Even though we seem as a society more and more comfortable tossing that document to the wind, the Feds have always used money as leverage for control.

"Want your federal highway money? Raise your drinking age to 21 or we withhold it."

I'm just a bit surprised to see the policy of control through money to be extended to private companies. I shouldn't be, but it's a disturbing potential beginning to a real change to our economic system, and I don't think it's for the better.