Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Controversial Bow

Lately there's been some controversy about whether President Obama bowed to a foreign monarch. Here's the video, and the discussion will follow.

Yup, that's clearly a bow. What's the problem with that? The President of the United States does not bow to a monarch, and we haven't done so since we told King George III where he could shove his taxes.

I'm not particularly bothered by President Obama's bow, however. The gesture of subservience is a refreshingly honest display of our true relationship with the Saudis, who fund Wahabism throughout the world (including in the U.S.), training people to hate and want to kill people who are not Muslim Fundamentalists. You know, people like you and me.

If this open demonstration of our complete slavery to Saudi oil bothers you, perhaps you'll agree we should do something about it.


Mark said...

Oddly, the administration is now claiming it wasn't a bow. Really? That's what you're going to claim when it's on video? Is anything that comes out of this administration anchored to reality?

Andrew said...

Entertainingly, this is from the same people who criticized Pres. Bush for being unable to admit a mistake.

Then again, the bow wasn't a mistake. Just an acknowledgment of reality.

It is silly they won't just admit it.