Monday, April 6, 2009

A relevant story on firearms ownership

Since the media is hammering us with idiots misusing firearms, I heard this story and thought I'd share it. The simple presentation of a firearm may have stopped an ongoing crime spree. Oh, and one of my favorites, a woman who had been raped and would have been raped a second time refused to be a victim and ended a serial rapist's awful crimes.

I've also noticed a distinct willingness of the media to overlook what they don't want to see. The criminal who shot three police officers in Pittsburgh is said to have been afraid Obama would take away his guns, and to have lost his job. Nobody mentioned he's also apparently a white supremacist--that is, a complete nutjob with violent tendencies to start with.

Criminals and crazies with guns are a horrible problem in our society. Lawful owners far outnumber them, often stop them, and shouldn't be penalized because of them.

By the way, you'll notice that after the high profile misuse of firearms stories peter out, as they always do, these defensive, appropriate use stories won't. They're just harder to find.

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