Wednesday, April 8, 2009

RIP: Little Green Footballs

Little Green Footballs is a blog I follow for news and opinion (I first encountered them when they showed how faked documents purporting to be about George W. Bush were indeed fake). However, they're no longer a viable source. They continue to bash Glenn Beck without actually addressing the substance of his comments.

Then, in a despicable display, they closed accounts of people attempting to refute their weak logic, and even deleted the posts deemed not acceptable (see post #209). Two of those deleted posts were mine.

If someone can't take criticism, they aren't worth my time. Thus ends my interest in their blog.


Big Jay said...

mark, you should post your comments about Beck here. I'm curious what specifically you object to about Glenn Beck backing the 5000 year leap. I've read some things by Skousen that I consider to be kooky, but I've also read some of his stuff that I like a lot. (Everybody has the right to be kooky once in a while)

Big Jay said...

Excuse me. I meant to say 'things you object to, about LGF criticizing Glenn Beck for pushing Skousen's books'

Like a lot of conservative talk radio, I find a lot to like about Beck, and a lot that grinds my nerves. But free speech right?

Andrew said...

I haven't been following LGF. The 5,000 Year Leap is actually very good.

I do think if you can't handle criticism on your blog, you don't have much reason to have one.