Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Bell Tolls For Thee

This is a post by a real estate guru / libertarian mensch John T. Reed. I am quoting the entire post here, but please note that the title is a link back to the original post, as well as all the quoted text is a link back to John T. Reed's headline news page where I first read this. I highly recommend perusing some of his other articles on the site, it is food for thought. For example his article on why we should bring back the draft changed my mind on the issue.

But this article "Kids and grand kids my ass" so completely and thoroughly resonated with me I have wanted to talk to people about it ever since I read it a few weeks back. I wanted to go all Jerry Maguire and print out a copy and put it in everybody's mailbox at work. I wanted to invite friends over and discuss it over tea.

Here it is.

Editor's note: Mr. Reed has asked that we not post the full text of the article here, but it is worth your time to read.


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