Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nancy Pelosi is a liar

Nancy Pelosi has had a lovely time trying to cover her behind on the subject of what she knew and when she knew it with regard to enhanced interrogation techniques.

After engaging in several lies, then some serious backpedaling, she's decided to go with what is still clearly a whopper: in 2002, the CIA failed to brief her about waterboarding already in use against al Qaeda operative Abu Zubaydah. It defies all reason to believe that the ranking Democrat on the House intelligence committee, usually privy to the same information the President of the United States has, was not fully informed.

Worse yet, her fellow Democrats have circled the wagons and are saying the CIA may have violated the law by not informing her. They're talking about changing the law to be able to punish the CIA for "misleading" members of Congress.

Politicians are evidently so used to getting away with lying that they think they can engage in this without consequences. In this case, their lies have consequences no matter what ends up happening.

Let's say the Democrats successfully cover Nancy's bony butt on this one. The CIA's morale and ability to do its job will suffer. Agents will be jumping ship faster than the Border Patrol Agents are abandoning their jobs, or California taxpayers and businesses are fleeing their state. Our ability to defend our nation will be severely impaired so one worthless politician can pretend she didn't know about waterboarding.

I prefer the results if Nancy Pelosi is called out and demonstrated to be prevaricating. She'll likely lose her post, and if we're really lucky, her next election.

Which is better for the nation?

The most galling part of all this is that all Speaker Pelosi had to do is say, "Yes, I knew this was taking place. It was immediately after September 11th. I feared that drastic measures were necessary to protect our nation. Think back to how you felt right after the towers fell. I've had a change of heart in the intervening years."

Even though that change of heart really is actually Ms. Pelosi being lead by the nose by constituent polls, I could actually almost respect a statement like that. The current drivel she's spouting throws a vital agency under he bus to save her own political career, once again demonstrating what she really cares about: herself.

Update: The CIA is clearly stating Pelosi was fully briefed. Make copies of your records, CIA, because when you turn them over to Congress, this bunch will probably shred them, burn them, and continue to pretend Pelosi is an angel.


Big Jay said...

Yep. Exactly. There isn't any other explanation that I believe. The funny thing is that this hasn't changed my opinion of her much. If she had come out and said that she changed her mind I would have probably respected her a little more. But politicians never come out and say that they changed their mind. For some reason that is more damaging than flat out lying. I'm going to chalk this up as more evidence that the system is seriously screwed up, and needs to shrink.

I also would add that the whole democratic playbook is becoming more obvious. Obama and Company is doing an awesome job of dominating the news cycle with distractions. When it comes right down to it, I care more about a lot of other issues than this one, but here it is, vomiting right out of every single news outlet.

Andrew said...

The cover up is always worse than the incident. I do not understand why political tactics haven't changed to reflect that.

As for distraction news, you're absolutely right. I think politicians are doing everything they can to prevent people from waking up, becoming informed, and thus becoming activists.

On our current course, that's going to be unavoidable, no matter how many distractions you toss out there.