Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Schoolkids' Biggest Threat: Teachers

I write this in all seriousness. There are great teachers out there, but I now believe they're in the minority.

The LA Times is currently running a series called "Failure Gets a Pass."

Not only is it nearly impossible to fire a teacher, but while they're waiting around many of them are "housed" -- out of the classroom to protect students -- being paid their full salary while the appeals process goes through, sometimes taking years.

You'd think if the issue were more serious than simply bad teaching performance, it'd be easy to get rid of them. You'd be wrong. Even when a teacher molests a student, they can be moved to another school, turning another classroom into potential victims.

Of course, every time there's a budget cut, the new teachers get cut first, even though they're often the most energetic (and because they're the lowest wage it takes more of them to equal the cost of fewer senior teachers). This policy, and the maze-like dismissal process are a direct result of the teachers union. And it's the teachers who are responsible for this union.

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Andrew said...

I've been hearing these teacher molestation stories out of LA. It reminds me of problems the Catholic Church had. Why is the media so quiet about teachers who are molesters when they weren't about priests?