Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Knife Control? Seriously?

We've posted on knife control before. Now it looks like the U.K. is getting serious about it. Here's the anti-stab knife that they're beginning to sell:


Full article here.

This really won't change anything in the U.K., much as gun control hasn't.

What is the truth about this "anti-stab" knife? A criminal will be able to modify this knife very quickly to make it a stabbing weapon (or he can just use it in a slashing fashion). Worse yet, lawful citizens in the U.K. will be just a little more helpless.

I'm waiting for them to start banning rocks and bricks.

Any society is foolish to blame the instrument of violence for the behavior. Address the behavioral problems and recognize the criminal is to blame, not the gun or knife.


James Dimmitt said...

Now what are kids going to juggle?

Andrew said...

Probably Styrofoam balls. Oh, wait. They're bad for the environment. Recycled goat hair.