Sunday, June 7, 2009

Thanks for the Trade War Obama!

Our Presidential Student of History is following in the footsteps of the Great Depression. It's a well-known lesson of history that protectionism leads to trade wars leads to serious economic harm.

Despite warnings, the "stimulus" package included "buy American" clauses. This angered Canada, and now they're starting to retaliate. Thanks a bunch!


Andrew said...

I'm pretty convinced he's tanking our economy on purpose now. He can't have missed the fact that the swindleus bill has had an effect exactly the opposite of what he said it would do.

He wants to be the next FDR, except FDR was actually trying (very poorly) to fix the economy. Mr. Obama would like to replicate the 40 years of one party rule that followed the great depression because of the mistaken perception of the effectiveness of FDR's efforts.
He'd also like to foster an increased public dependence on government to enhance his party's power.

He's not a dumb man, so the more things progress, the more clear it is that this is done on purpose.

Big Jay said...

I've heard this as a concern before, specifically about the buy American clause in the stimulus. Interesting that Canada is the first.