Friday, July 17, 2009

Harry Alford accuses Sen. Barbara Boxer of being "racial"

The first time I heard this clip, I heard only the short version, and felt that Harry Alford, CEO of National Black Chamber of Commerce might have been overreacting. Then I saw and heard the entire clip. You should have a look, though it will take a few minutes.

What's condescending or racial? Sen. Barbara Boxer (full disclosure, I think she's lacking in intellectual ability and often call her Boxofhair) chooses to only cite African American groups to Mr. Alford, apparently trying to change his mind by quoting "his people." That's deeply offensive, as most of us believe people are people no matter what color their skin may be. The National Black Chamber of Commerce objects to Boxer's environmental legislation because it will hurt the economy, African American businesses right along with everyone else, and that's his only concern, not how other groups who happen to share skin tone feel about it.

What's worse is Sen. Boxer's very condescending tone. She feels these African American groups should be "proud" to be read into the official record. Is that a pat on the head or a gold star on the chart for the nice African American man you permitted into the Senate chamber, Sen. Boxer?

The defensive statement about her husband having served in the military is ludicrous. It's amazing to me that a senator would turn a discussion essentially into a pissing match. It's also notable that her husband paid for her senate seat, something that California voters should help to rectify by selecting a better representative for our state as soon as she's up for reelection.

Oh, and I wonder why Barbara Boxer didn't object to Mr. Alford calling her Ma'am.

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