Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Health Care Bill

If you follow the posts here, you know that Health Care isn't that big a problem to solve, and we don't have to do it using the failing systems of Canada, the U.K. or Massachusetts.

President Obama is a smart man, though, and he knows the legislation isn't about actually providing health care. Oddly enough, it has much more to do with his stance on the Cambridge Police department issue he spoke about so briefly, which Mark Steyn addressed very well here.

Those who have read the bill are wondering why President Obama is lying about what it will do and what it contains. Why does this bill create an Office of Civil Rights and an Office of Minority Health? Why does it state that colleges that have a reputation for an aggressive minority acceptance level in medical school will have more access to money?

This isn't about improving access to health care. It isn't "reform." This is a method of introducing stealth reparations that will destroy an imperfect but nevertheless best health care system in the world.

He's pursuing new inequality ostensibly on the theory that this will somehow mitigate past wrongs. Unfortunately, it instead simply introduces new wrongs that will have to rectified at some point in the future, and fires up racial discord.

This bill is a community action plan to advance minorities at the expense of a majority that already largely believes in equality. It's just wrong.

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