Monday, July 20, 2009

What if Congress had to live by their own rules?

I heard a discussion today about Congress having to live by the rules they create. It was sparked by the current health care proposal. What if Congress had to give up their plan and use the public option they're trying to create for you?

They should live by the laws they create rather than having special privileges and perks. We should call them and let them know they better make a law to that effect. I'll be doing that today.

I thought of another idea while considering this. What if Senators and Congresspeople were mandated by law to receive a salary equal to the average (we'll go with the median) salary of their constituents?

They would have instant motivation to improve the standard of living for their districts. Right now, they're busy trying to increase their income and power in every way they can. Let's tie that directly to the financial success of the people they represent. The trouble would be getting them to pass that legislation, but with enough pressure, it could happen.

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