Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Problem with Universal Health Care

Proponents have been calling the socialized medicine bill happy euphemisms like "Health Care Reform," "Single Payer Health Care" and "Public Option" rather than Government Health Care, Socialized Medicine and so forth.

Universal health care is a flawed concept. Top down control of health care at the national level is a ludicrous concept. Let me explain why.

The concept of Universal health care would involve everybody being treated according to the recommendations developed for the average populace. That would be fine, if everyone were average. We'd need just a few doctors developing policies and a lot of nurses carrying out those policies.

Instead, we have trained scientists specialized in the human body, who we call doctors, and we have a lot of them.

There's a simple reason for that: averages work fine for statistical analysis, but they're not so good for individual care. Any doctor will tell you that while we have usual, expected responses to procedures and medications, individuals vary widely. That is why you need a trained scientist involved in caring for the health of an individual.

Health care is not, nor can it ever be, controlled centrally by a government, applying average recommendations to every individual. Laying every other issue aside (and we shouldn't there are plenty to examine), the concept of Universal health care is at best a joke, and at worst, a death sentence for individuals who don't fall within the statistical averages.

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