Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chicago's Gun Ban Proves a Point

Here's a horrific story. Several people beat to death a 16 year old student, reportedly using rail road ties. Clearly Chicago's gun ban works--by getting rid of one instrument sometimes used for criminal violence, we've stopped all violence!

Of course, I'm being a bit ironic. By the way, Chicago gets plenty of shootings, too, so the gun ban there really isn't working. However, this incident does prove a point I made some time ago.

Ending violence involves finding the correct method. The inherent fallacy about gun banning is that somehow you can prevent people from harming one another by removing one of the tools they sometimes use for that purpose. It's no surprise that approach doesn't achieve the desired result. You must instead work to change the violent nature of humanity. Then it won't matter what tools are available. So long as we are violent by nature, taking away any particular implement or class of implements won't help. There are plenty of rocks and sticks in the world. Oh, and railroad ties.

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