Saturday, September 12, 2009

Health Care Solutions

If you've followed this blog, or run a search here on "Health Care" you'll see that Reason TV has an excellent video out on the subject. There's more that can be done, though, and as the President called for suggestions he won't listen to, I thought I'd add some of my own. These are not novel, which means he really should be aware of them.

I firmly believe that the left would never use these ideas because they do not expand government power. Because health care is already heavily regulated, government action would be needed to implement them, however.

1. Open interstate competition to insurers. This will have a real, immediate impact on prices.

2. Revert to a model that successfully controls costs. Insurance should exist for catastrophic events, not regular doctor's visits. This also applies market forces to health care. That is, rather than an HMO or government bureaucrat (equally bad in my opinion) deciding what you need, you decide what's valuable enough to pay for.

3. The government is terrible at serving the poor. Private charities have successfully administered to the needs of those who can't afford medical care for centuries. By forcing costs lower through choice and market forces, we open the door for charities to do more, and by fostering competition, people retain more disposable income to charities than they presently do.

4. Permit the formation of non-profit health insurance cooperatives similar to credit unions. This combined with point 1 will bring to bear even more competition.

To free up more money to assist private charities and individual citizens in their efforts to help those in need, we should also adopt a flat tax or fair tax. These taxing solutions are simple, obviating the need for extensive taxing bureaucracy, and generally result in greater prosperity and tax revenue for the governments that implement them. Why aren't they in use then? Our Congress will not implement them because they do not expand government power. Does that seem like a good reason to you?

Others have given excellent responses to the President's push for "his"* health care solution. Here's an excellent commentary including Sarah Palin's very cogent response.

*The proposals before Congress aren't his, and that's been a huge point of confusion. HR 3200 was evidently written by the Apollo Alliance (I think this is their site) which is a far left organization. HR 3200 includes points he specifically says are not in his plan. So, President Obama, where exactly is your plan?

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