Friday, October 30, 2009

The polls continue, conservatism is strong and growing

If you watch the major media, you'd think that conservatism doesn't exist anymore. According to them, everyone agrees on implementing socialized medicine, a.k.a.'s the "Public Option" and Government Health Care.

Gallup polls over the Summer showed otherwise. Poll results released June 15th showed Conservatives to be the largest ideological group in the U.S., outnumbering liberals 2 to 1. Poll results released July 6th showed that the country is moving more Conservative, not more liberal. Results released Monday of this week show Conservatives still outnumbering Liberals 2 to 1, with the number of liberals falling from the results released just 4 months ago.

Evidently the media can elect a President, but they can't change reality or alter the underlying, fundamental principles of America, or the thought processes of Americans.

In reality, President Obama owes less to the media than they might think. He burst onto the scene as a relative unknown. The unknown candidate always polls better than the candidate of the same ideology once he's named. Mr. Obama's popularity may well have been due to the fact that nobody really knew who he was, or what his policies might be. Only people willing to dig into his political past knew.

While hard core liberals who knew who this president was to begin with will always support him, and the ignorant will probably continue to support him blindly as he gives them things (ironic, given his recent statements), those paying attention to the issues and the man are recognizing that his policies are a massive departure from American principles, and the success of those policies would jeopardize any chance of a prosperous future for our nation.

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