Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Death of a Scumbag: The Maurice Clemmons Story

We were all shocked when the news came out about four Seattle, Washington police officers shot and killed in an apparently targeted shooting.

Worse yet was the news this man shouldn't have been out on the street. You may recall during former governor Mike Huckabee's bid for the Republican nomination for the 2008 Presidential election, a lot of controversy came out that the man had pardoned hundreds of really awful criminals based on their supposed conversion to Christianity. It turns out Maurice Clemmons, the Seattle cop killer, was one of those men.

Please remember this if Huckabee ever runs for office again. He can't win. He won't be backed by law enforcement. The post linked above mentions:

The possibility that Huckabee will run for president in 2012 has moved from "less than likely" (see sidebar) to "not a chance in hell." Which, is the way I like it. He always was just a populist with a Bible. His shameful Mormon-baiting in Iowa ultimately gave us McCain last year.
Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints know Huckabee is anti-Mormon. They won't vote for him, and they're a small voting block, but they're also a block that does vote. Huckabee has also made statements that indicate he doesn't think much of Catholics, either. That simply isn't going to work for national office.

This isn't all about the man who could have prevented the slaughter of four police officers by not pardoning a scumbag, though. Clemmons was free on bail while awaiting trial on multiple crimes. Why would any Washington court believe this guy deserved bail? His crimes included raping children, and that's one crime we all can agree deserves the harshest of our punishments and no bail until the matter is settled. Children, our future, are too precious a resource to risk in such a cavalier manner.

Fortunately, one of the slain officers had put a round into Clemmons, and evidently he succumbed to that wound. I'm happy this guy is off the streets and won't be raping or murdering any more innocent citizens, but I'm also deeply disappointed in Governor Huckabee for his reckless pardons and our court system for failing to keep an awful career criminal behind bars where he belonged. Those failings cost society far more than Maurice Clemmons ever should have been allowed to take.

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