Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Promises, Promises

I actually posted this video as part of another post, but it deserves its own post. Obama's first year in office has been a topic of discussion lately, so let's have a look.

This video should either amuse you if you knew these were lies from the beginning, or upset you and give you buyer's remorse if you believed he'd carry through.

Even very Obama Administration-friendly sites are admitting to some pretty big promises broken. Politifact, where's the one about not having lobbyists in his administration?

Other sites are less forgiving, like World Net Daily, who seem to have noticed the same video I have, and document additional broken promises. There's even a blog devoted to his lies, gaffes, broken promises and exaggerations.

We've become used to politicians lying to us, which is unfortunate, and it's something we really shouldn't accept. President Obama's lies seem especially egregious because he promised he'd be different. He promised hope and change meant something. As others have pointed out, "change" seems to mean "Big Government." Unfortunately, the Republicans had already made that happen under George Bush, so I suppose it just means "Really Big Government Growing at Unprecedented Rates." The other factor making these lies feel especially bad to the American people is that a lot of them were ones that really mattered to us as a people, and especially his supporters, like being open and honest and communicative. Giving pretty speeches over and over again just isn't a fulfillment of that promise. It's not the interaction supporters expected. Permitting lobbyists and other special interests, especially Unions, not only be part of his administration but seem to have a controlling stake in his decision-making has also disappointed many supporters.

Looking forward to 2010 and then 2012, it's vital that voters send the message that promises made by politicians do matter, and there are some critical promises we won't see broken without consequence.

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