Saturday, January 23, 2010

What does Massachusetts mean?

Just about everyone has some commentary on what Rep. Scott Brown's victory over Dem. Martha Coakley for the "Ted Kennedy" Senate seat in Democrat-dominated Massachusetts means. As a side note, Mr. Brown correctly pointed out it's the people's seat, not Ted Kennedy's, which was very well received by voters. Video available below.

The core issue seems to be the current health care bill, which is opposed by 58% of Americans. Mr. Brown promised unequivocally not to pass the bill in its current form. He won. Now many progressives are insisting that means the people want health care reform more quickly. In an interview with Howard Dean, Chris Matthews, usually a very left-leaning commentator, points out flaws in that theory. The whole video is worth your time, but part where Mr. Matthews really nails down Mr. Dean is from about 4:55 to 6:15. I've set the start time for you, but you can back the video to the beginning. Howard Dean is very careful about how he refers to his statistics, which seem to be a very specific subset of voters deliberately polled to make the point he wants to believe.

It's hard to argue with Chris Matthews reasoning. What the progressives are trying to assert really just doesn't make any sense. The fact is, the President's approval rating is dropping quite markedly. There are several issues affecting it, but his dogged pursuit of an unpopular health care bill is a large part of it. People are more concerned with the economy. Tangentially, they needn't worry for 2010, since congress will dump the remaining two-thirds of their TARP slush fund on the U.S. just in time to jump their approval ratings for the mid-term elections. We'll be artificially propped up for a few months at least.

Another issue affecting this election was security. Ms. Coakley supported extending full Constitutional rights guaranteed to U.S. citizens. Mr. Brown believes we should treat terrorists as foreign combatants and try them before military tribunals. The American people were polled extensively on these matters with respect to closing the Guantanamo Bay Facility, which we overwhelmingly oppose. Further, 59% of us believe these terrorists should be tried by military tribunals, not in U.S. Courts. Prior polls would indicate that sentiment is growing, not shrinking over time. People seem to recognize that trying terrorists like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in U.S. Courts is a losing proposition for Americans no matter what the Obama Administration would like to pretend.

Progressives are also trying to downplay the election, saying it's only a relatively small number of voters. As with polling or any other statistical sample, a relatively small number of people can be used to extrapolate an accurate representation of larger groups. National interest in the election, and national support for Mr. Brown would further support that idea.

The outcome of this election is significant and meaningful, and it's a blow to the Progressive agenda. However, those who believe in personal liberty over Statist control can't relax. The price of freedom is constant vigilance. As noted above, when Congress dumps the remaining TARP funds on us, they hope to lull us back to sleep and pass their agenda safe in their seats following November's elections. That simply can't be allowed to happen. We know Congress is too liberal. We can change that with political activism leading up to the elections and voting our beliefs in November. Conservatives still outnumber liberals 2 to 1, and it's time to rebalance Congress to reflect the views of the American voter.

The People's Seat:

Some macabre humor from the Jawa Report on this exchange may be found here.

Post Script: You may have noticed that some of the Democrats seem to be reversing themselves a bit with regard to their positions on the current health care bill. Massachusetts may have frightened them. The SCOTUS ruling Mark wrote about yesterday might have had an impact. Funny what happens when the unbalance of gagging corporations while allowing unions unchecked freedom is corrected. Or they might simply be backing off and pretending to be more moderate so they don't all lose their seats next election. Whatever the reason, don't believe their hastily-donned disguises: they must be ousted from office in the next election.


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