Tuesday, April 6, 2010

James Lovelock on Climate Change

I heard a bit of an interview with James Lovelock, creator of the Gaia theory and a driving force behind the anthropogenic theory of global warming. I couldn't believe what I'd heard. While I don't agree with his conclusions or outlook on climate change, he gives some startling information in this interview, notably at 1 minutes and 57 seconds: "It hasn't warmed any time during this century, and we're having one of the colder winters than we've had for a long time this year. Not just here, but in all of Northern hemisphere..." I've set it to begin at the second of several clips, as the beginning isn't relevant in my opinion (and I don't agree with his opinion, though you're free to listen if you like).

According to the YouTube clip, this aired on 03/30/2010 on Radio Four on the BBC. Do listen to what he says about scientists fudging data.

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