Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A lawless administration

It's one thing for President Obama to criticize the AZ law without reading it, or for everyone in his administration to criticize it without reading it (such as Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano). It's another thing entirely when John Morton (head of ICE--Immigration and Custom Enforcement) announced a few weeks ago that "his agency will not necessarily process illegal immigrants referred to them by Arizona officials."

Charles Krauthammer nails it by calling the administration lawless:

I haven't wanted to post this, because the implications are so dire. This is what civil wars and revolutions are made of. An executive simply refuses to enforce a legally enacted and obviously constitutional law.

There are two things that define our country. Our laws and our borders. ICE is openly refusing to enforce both, and President Obama said the same about our borders, standing next to the president of Mexico.

Now we have serious questions that Obama attempted to bribe Joe Sestack out of running for Arlen Specter's senate seat.

We are no longer a nation of laws. Hopefully our elections will still be respected, and we can do something about it in November.

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